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TEL. 07 5494 8200

The small centre with

a big difference

At KinderMarlee we believe in our children. We believe in the
importance of their early years, how they learn about 
who they are and what they can achieve as young citizens of their community.


It is a place where each child can be a stronger, wiser,
braver and kinder than they were the day before.

KinderMarlee's philosophy, practice and environment are based on a
'quality of life' and 'children's rights' approach. We advocate for all children
to be treated as competent, confident and contributing young people of today.

An exciting new year, some great
new children ... and a big, warm welcome from the team.

Key People


KinderMarlee's warm and responsive team of 'key people'
is there to enable, enrich and encourage the important early learning years of your children.


Early learning is best developed through time at play, hands on experiences and social interaction.


Young children need strong supportive relationships and the freedom to experiment and explore. They also need to occasionally fail ... and to overcome bumps and bruises.   


Early learning is all about unlocking HOW to think - not WHAT to think.


KinderMarlee's key people do not just teach children, rather they unleash their potential.  

Our Tribe

Children from 15 months old  


As families arrive in the morning, belongings for our youngest kids are taken into 'The Nest' to store for easy access throughout the day. Parents can help their children put their lunchbox in the fridge and take off their shoes to start the day.


All children are able to move freely between our rooms and spaces; and with different educators during the day - according to their interests and confidence. This is a natural, holistic human approach that mimics traditional childhoods where many loving adults support children's play and experiences.


Siblings can spend as much time together, or apart, as they want. Younger children develop capabilities much faster through their exposure to older children; and older children have opportunities to show leadership and nurture.  Experts from many different disciplines recognise this as critical to the balanced development of important social and life skills.


(Te One, Gray, Vygotsky, Malaguzzi, Montessori)

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Children over 3 years and of kindergarten age


Belongings of older children are stored in 'The Lab' lockers. Children of all ages are able to participate in experiences planned by our two bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers.


The kindergarten program is informed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; the Queensland
Kindergarten Learning Guidelines; and Belonging, Being, Becoming - The National Curriculum for birth to five years.


Each of the centre's spaces are shared spaces - rich, purposeful, child-owned environments freely accessible to all the children throughout the day.

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