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Outdoor Play Spaces


Outdoor play spaces are as important, if not more so, than indoor areas. Through the outdoors, children can connect nature, appreciate the natural world and develop an understanding of time, seasons and lifecycles. We support children to spend as much time out of doors as they want - essential blocks of time and play. Outdoor play is also critical in the development of large and fine muscle development, including core strength, coordination and balance.

The Hob

The Hob is a busy outdoor construction area. Filled with a large variety of blocks, loose parts and building resources (like cardboard and tape), where children can unleash their creative potential.


Having construction in its own space means children are not limited in play due to other zones usually found in aged rooms (like home corner and reading areas). It also means constructions can stay in place as long as needed. The area does not need to be packed away for rest time or other routines each day.

The Common

The Common is a large, natural play space.  It includes grassy areas, the Mountain (a dirt pile), sandpit, creek bed, swings, fort, paved areas, mud kitchen and a cubby house.


Gardening experiences are part of our weekly routine - as well as simply encouraging children to appreciate their connection to the natural world. Water play is often a favourite - especially when it rains - and this sometimes means wet or muddy clothes!

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