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    Our Vision for Playful Education

A community where everyone and everything
is acknowledged, valued and respected.

  • indoors and outdoors

  • emergent curriculum

  • enquiry-based

  • interest-led learning

  • genuine independence

Our Work

Working in the field of human potential is a true privilege - to shape the lives of children, families and community. Our goal is to create the best learning playspace possible to enrich and delight our youngest people.


Development across all areas of emerging expertise (creatively, physically, socially and cognitively) is supported by caring, trusting relationships. And we never lose sight of the extra ingredients needed to fulfil their little hearts and souls - art, music, storytelling, dance, nature and joy.  


Acknowledging, Valuing and Respecting

Many centres segregate and move children in age groups. In these settings, children might only access or interact with their particular group or room. Children learn best when they have opportunities to interact with peers of different ages and stages, they are more exposed to valuable life skills and tend to be more socially confident.


This type of environment mimics the real world and real community's. Children can access resources and environments that cater to their developmental needs and interests - as they arise - and not when they are "provided".  


As adults are individuals, with individual learning styles, and individual interests and needs, so are children. The holistic support of individuals, is a solid foundation for individual potential to be unlocked and nurtured.


At KinderMarlee we are always reflecting on and assessing current practice; to ensure that the best outcomes possible are achieved for children.


" I just wanted to say how much Julian and I appreciate everything you do for Jett and Taylah.  You are all happy at drop off and pick.  Everyone engages in conversation with Julian and myself which we love.  I'm glad I chose the centre for my children.  It's great and Jett and Taylah love it."


Kylie, September 2014

Our Symbol

The Meeting Place

Our logo of circles and tracks is an Australian indigenous symbol representing a place to gather and meet. The best childhood memories often include a special place where friends meet; discovered new ideas and talents. A meeting place is also significant in communities ... a place for families to gather and talk.

The Elder Tree

Kinder is a German word meaning children. (Kindergarten, literally means children's garden).  Marlee is a Biripi word meaning the Elder Tree* - to us a spiritual place of connection, wisdom and sharing.  KinderMarlee = the Children's Elder Tree.  



KinderMarlee parent


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